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Is 7-9’s the New Standard For Enterprise Storage? Infinidat Just Keeps Running

This might be controversial, but 5-9's of availability just doesn't seem to cut it anymore in today's cloudy, more hyperscale, consolidated data center storage infrastructure. In fact, we deserve much better. Infinidat is claiming to deliver 7-9's, and do it at scale and performance and at a highly competitive scale-out cost. 

What difference does 7-9's make to storage operations? To the business apps?  Is Infinidat really faster, better, and cheaper? See our Taneja Group report on Infinidat's 7-9's storage solution, and judge for yourself. Warning - you may start to think you deserve much more than the 5-9's from expensive traditional arrays.

Click here to see a recent Solution Profile highlighting Infinidat Infinibox

  • Premiered: 09/29/15
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Infinidat high availability 7-9's Enterprise Storage


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