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InMage Builds a Village with HDS to Deliver Their CDP Solution

The old saying, “it takes a village to raise a child” is true in the case of InMage, who has just signed an agreement with Hitachi Data Systems to offer their CDP solution as a HDS Program Product. InMage already has a number of customer wins under their belt, as well as an air of profitability to brag about, but they have yet to ring in the runaway success that their technology often times seems to warrant. The idea of being a one trick pony providing add on sales to the established major vendors has not proven as successful as the InMage team would like, so, it was time for a strategy change and partnering with HDS is just what they needed.

InMage, having been a player in the CDP space for over a decade, has awoken and realized they need an ecosystem “village” to provide complete solutions for their customers in today’s highly competitive environment. Moreover, partnering up is the only way some of the storage block bullies can build a complete solution with an ingredient as potent as InMage’s CDP. In this case, partnering enables both InMage and HDS to benefit. InMage gets access to the HDS sales force, services team, and installed customer base where they will undoubtedly be successful. Meanwhile, HDS previously only provided content replication within the same tier of HDS provided storage, so HDS gets a powerful heterogeneous replication and CDP tool to add to its arsenal. Now, in the area of CDP and replication, HDS has heavy weaponry matched to the competition with the likes of EMC with RecoverPoint, HPs with FalconStor-based CDP, IBM with SAN Volume Controller and Tivoli CDP for Files, and NetApp with Multistore and SnapMirror. HDS Professional Services team will undoubtedly use the InMage technology for migrations between other company’s storage and their own creating tiered storage solutions further increasing the HDS footprint within the data center. One of the more promising areas for the HDS team to focus on with the InMage technology is DR, delivering a HDS array into a secondary location thereby leveraging CDP to break the ties to the single vendor nature of most DR setups enabling end-users to benefit from leveraging multiple vendors to get the best solution.

With InMage being a HDS Program Product it enables HDS sales reps and channel partners to offer the InMage solution as though it was any other HDS software product, with the same terms and conditions, service and support.

Only time will tell if the child InMage has built a village for will best the storage block bullies. With the HDS partnership and prior wins in major verticals, InMage keeps going toe-to-toe, and it looks like they are winning their fair share of rounds.

  • Premiered: 09/01/09
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): CDP Hitachi Data Systems InMage Program Product


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