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Hyperconverged Storage Evolves - Or is it Pivoting When it Comes to Pivot3?

Pivot3 recently acquired NexGen (Mar 2016). Many folks have been wondering what they are doing. Pivot3 has made a name in the surveillance/video vertical with bulletproof hyperconvergence based on highly reliable data protection(native erasure coding) and large scalability (no additional east/west traffic with scale) as a specialty. So what does NexGen IP bring?  For starters, multi-tier flash performance and enterprise storage features (like snapshots).

Pivot3 hasn't fully converted and converged NexGen in only 3 months, but they've pulled off a near miracle with the recently announced vSTAC SLX that slides flash array nodes (evolved from NexGen) under their traditional appliances to now offer a hybrid storage option. We expect this to broadly expand the range of workloads they can now address, and impress a much wider range of potential clients.

And the Pivot3 technical direction is clear - fully hyperconverged hybrid storage with high reliability and scale.  Given this recent demonstration of agility, this is likely to happen sooner rather than later. One question we will be asking soon - can Pivot3 as a company pivot out from "video capture" into the broader workload/vertical applications?

  • Premiered: 06/22/16
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Pivot3 NexGen Flash hyperconvergence


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