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Hyper9 Manages at Cloud Speed and Cloud Scale

We just had an informative chat with Hyper9, a company Taneja Group has been tracking since its inception. They are on a roll, which bodes well for the virtualization management space in general. I agree with the team at Hyper9: we’re moving beyond the first phase of virtual environment management…quickly.

The first generation of virtual infrastructure management tools were all about visibility: what do I have, who’s using it, and how many more can I support? Provisioning and inventory automation were the most important IT tasks to automate. We had to stop “sprawl,” after all. But did we? Of course not. There are more VMs out there every month, and if we keep focusing on cataloging, inventory, and rapid provisioning tools, we’ll quickly become overwhelmed.

We need to start thinking about management that’s built from the ground up for cloud speed and cloud scale. Google wasn’t built to query a traditional database…it was built to search an ever-growing blob of content. Do you keep lots of bookmarks anymore? Why not? Because you can find everything again next time you need it, and you don’t have to keep track of anything until you need it.

Instead of building VM management tools that automate the workflows we used for physical servers, we should be thinking about search-driven, hyper-connected data models that give us a picture of our IT resources at any given time, on demand, and only when we ask for it. This is how we should build tomorrow’s cloud capacity management tools, performance monitors, charge-back systems, and management reporting systems.

Where we used to have IT planning horizons of months or years, we now have only days or weeks. We can respond this quickly because of virtualization. But with the cloud, we have the opportunity to respond even faster (give me 10 VMs with my developer golden build…now!) if we have the performance, charge-back, and reporting tools to support it. I think Hyper9 understands this, and I like where they’re going. Check it out.

  • Premiered: 11/09/10
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Hyper9 virtual infrastructures Virtualization Virtualization Management


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