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HP Vertica Goes Hadoop on MapR’s Read Write Infrastructure

Today MapR and HP Vertica are rolling out an exciting joint integration, nicely addressing full SQL-on-Hadoop use cases. Vertica is now runnable, actually "pluggable", on and into MapR's enterprise quality Hadoop distribution. This is an interesting feat that depends highly on MapR's unique implementation of enterprise grade storage in place of the open source HDFS guts.

When enterprise IT folks really take a close look at Hadoop distros, they like what they find with MapR (see our Taneja Group Enteprise Infrastructure for Hadoop Market Landscape). MapR uniquely provides direct read/write, NFS, point-in-time snaps, and other robust goodness underneath Hadoop. They've now exposed a pluggable architecture that looks like it eventually can host any RDBMS - columnar or otherwise. These capabilities make it quite capable of supporting widely popular analytical solutions (for structured data) like Vertica. And that is probably an understatement. It seems that Vertica on MapR might get quite a performance boost in addition to efficiently sharing the enterprise-grade platform.

While we haven't yet fully explored how integrated Vertica is, well, horizontally with the other components of the Hadoop ecosystem provided in MapR, it hardly matters if the main use case is to have your structured analysis data on a commodity scale out cluster and be able to Hadoop semi-structured data too (and intimately ETL across too?).

Back in the old days of Big Data (two years ago?), EMC Greenplum partnered with MapR to have something like this going. But then things happened and eventually Greenplum and Pivotal were spun off from EMC. Pivotal as a big company itself now has its HAWQ, which is basically Greenplum with its lowest layers trimmed off and cleverly replanted on HDFS in Pivotal's own HD (Hadoop Distribution). (And was it only 3 years ago that HP picked up Vertica? This industry isn't standing still!).

HP Vertica also has its HAVn appliance that converges Autonomy into the mix. Given how popular Vertica already is, and now with multiple approaches to host it, we are expecting Vertica business to be very good this year. 

MapR is also today announcing another quite clever offering - a free virtual machine fully configured MapR "sandbox" that has built-in tutorials (small enough minus your data to run on a laptop).  If you want to get started developing on Hadoop and its popular ecosystem projects, and get some nice "in-line" help and training as you go, you might want to check it out.

Stay tuned, as I'll be diving in deeper over the next few months into HP Vertica related solutions, and hopefully also exposing more of MapR's enterprise goodness.

  • Premiered: 02/10/14
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): HP MapR Big Data Vertica analytics


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