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HP is making flash arrays mainstream for the enterprise

HP announced enhancements to their flagship 3PAR StoreServ 7000 and 10000 models that continue to improve the value proposition for turning to flash for all tier 1 workloads for almost any enterprise. In an interesting move that rewards all previous customers, in addition to new ones, they are providing free upgrades to key new features that improve both the cost effectiveness and performance for all their 7000 and 10000 StoreServ SSD-capable hybrid arrays, not just the all flash 3PAR StoreServ 7450.

SSD Flash now less expensive than 15K drives:   If you are thinking about buying more 15K RPM drives for your tier 1 arrays, STOP….     think again….   By enabling the Thin Deduplication feature for SSD in all their arrays HP is enabling the entire StorServ family to get a doubling of effective capacity for any flash drives they have, with near-zero performance impact. When combined with the previous zero-performance impact of “Thin-Built-In” using high performance ASIC technology means a business should see approximately 4X effective capacity improvement for HP SSD arrays.  This in turn should make SSD the enterprise drive of choice going forward.   Time to throw those heat generating 15K bricks out the door!

Performance gets better:  HP also includes in this software release a couple of good performance bumps.  HP Adaptive Flash Cache can improve random read performance by carving out a portion of the SDD drives as a true cache extension in addition to that provided in the controllers.   This amounts to an inexpensive way to boost performance especially for random reads workloads.   HP Express Writes is a technology that improves latency time on writes that helps keep latency of all arrays with SSDs well under a millisecond.   While this performance improvement is especially important for SSDs it also improves the write latency for spinning disk as well.
With these announcements HP is continuing to drive flash technology deeper into the enterprise by rewarding existing and new customers.   Those storage vendors with legacy architectures for tier 1 workloads that constrict performance of flash when used in an all-flash configuration have been put on notice.  2015 is looking to be the tipping point for all-flash arrays penetrating the tier 1 enterprise storage market

  • Premiered: 12/01/14
  • Author: Jeff Kato
Topic(s): HP Flash Storage Hybrid Array Hybrid Performance StoreServ


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