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HP Enters the Active Archive Alliance Fold

HP recently joined the Active Archive Alliance. This gets the Alliance’s voting membership up to 12 storage companies with interests in selling dynamic archives as opposed to data burial grounds.

Archiving is a well spread practice in verticals that are under strict regulatory scrutiny and/or frequent litigation. Many businesses however have gone for years under the impression that backup is their archive, and that if they needed to find old data they could do it using backup catalogs.

Ah, the good old days. With massive data growth, even non-litigious industries are apprehensive about having to locate older data in a reasonable amount of time. And data that might have remained on easily accessible primary storage is getting migrated sooner to make room for big production data growth. Active archive is at present a good answer to the problem, where archived data is kept on large capacity/economical storage and stays immediately available to applications and users. (Note “economical” and not “cheap.” Large tape libraries are a big investment that proves value over time.)

Thus was founded the Active Archive Alliance, the brainchild of tape library maker SpectraLogic. Other founding members included Dell, FileTek, QStar, and SGI. Members added since then include Fujifilm, SGI, Atempo, Crossroads, Grau Data, Imation and now Cleversafe and HP in 2013. Adding HP with its big StoreEver tape division is a good move, since other tape makers have not been sanguine about the fact that their Spectra competitor started the Alliance. HP’s presence will help to widen the message about tape libraries and active archiving beyond just Spectra.

And active archives do need the push as companies begin to think beyond the straightforward disk-2-disk-2-tape equation, and on to the ramifications of hybrid flash storage and cloud infrastructure for active archives. Data still needs various tiers of storage for long-term retention and older data lives on disk and tape for now. But members of the Active Archive Alliance will not want to lose user interest because the terminology is shifting beyond D2D2T.

  • Premiered: 03/15/13
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Tape Disk Archive Active Archive HP SpectraLogic


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