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HP Enters HyperConverged Market

With HP entering the HyperConverged market it begs the question; who doesn’t offer a HyperConverged system these days? Taneja Group first coined the phrase HyperConvergence in 2012 and we define it as a genuine integration of compute, networking, storage, server virtualization, primary storage data deduplication, compression, WAN Optimization, storage virtualization and data protection. No need for separate appliances for disk-based data protection, WAN Optimization or backup software.  Full pooling and sharing of all resources.

A couple of interesting facts about HP’s introduction is that they are actually offering up two HyperConverged systems, one based on a partnership with VMware EVO:RAIL and one based on HP’s own StoreVirtual VSA technology. HP’s two HyperConverged solutions will be introduced under the brand HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC. HP is a full line supplier of hardware and software, especially servers and storage, any sale of these hyper-converged appliances will add to its revenue, regardless of whether they are StoreVirtual-VSA-based or VMware VSAN-based. The ease with which hyperconverged appliances get deployed and managed in general, any customer HP secures will probably grow with them. That can only be good for HP. To make the selling process smooth HP will need to supply adequate marketing materials that show the differences between the two families of products. That way the customer can make the selection that is right for them. But either way, HP wins.

This leads me to think about winners and losers in general with all the recent entrants in the HyperConverged space that also includes DELL among the other big system suppliers.


  • Customers (more choice is always good, which will lead to better value)
  • Companies that differentiate on data services (this will continue to be one of few areas to differentiate beyond VMware’s base offering, with advanced data services like deduplication, tiering, WAN optimization, QOS, etc)
  • Companies that differentiate on service and support (The hardware system providers will be providing service and support for EVO:RAIL based products)
  • VMware (impressive that they have most all major players lined up behind the EVO:RAIL franchise)


  • Companies that have only focused on VMware as virtualization technology provider for HyperConverged appliances without significant sustainable differentiation in data services.

In the end more competition is good for customers; welcome to the HyperConverged party HP!

To read the HP press release please click here

  • Premiered: 10/14/14
  • Author: Jeff Kato
Topic(s): HP Jeff Kato hyperconverged hyperconvergence Virtualization


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