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HP Discover - Destinations for Convergence

This year brings us to HP Discover on the tail end of a market research project looking at performance technologies.  The market is clearly in disarray around how we address storage performance.  There's a toss up in the industry right now between longer term strategic approaches and tactical pain point solutions, both of which are being enabled on the back of NAND flash.  HP is obviously in a position to do interesting and unique things with acceleration.  We suspect the all-flash 3PAR StoreServ 7450 is just the tip of the iceberg, and we're looking forward to how acceleration might become more distributed throughout the HP portfolio while being woven together with consolidated, centralized capabilities.  Will Discover 2013 shed light on a strategy?  Perhaps, perhaps not, but we're looking for hints.

How does convergence influence the fabric of the data center?  Outside of single systems or stacks of systems, what is the convergence vision for fabric alterations (all fabrics) that tie into and enable software definition, and leverage some clever HP convergence technologies - like FlexFabric and vCenter integrations - to the next level?

Finally, how does convergence enable building block approaches while enhancing differentiated infrastructure services and enabling dedicated services when needed?  We think there's a nugget in the HP approach, which is of far broader range and deeper capability than other approaches just getting started and hoping to become a challenge.  The challenge for HP is simplification and usability, but if this happens they are poised to be a leader in architecting next generation data centers - even at extremely large scale - rather than just pockets of specialized infrastructure.  How do convergence and cloud intersect to not only allow cloud-scale orchestration, but cloud-scale orchestration of different systems and technologies?


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