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HDS: An Up-and-Coming Major Player in Big Data Storage

I had the opportunity today to hear Hitachi Data Systems’ exec team discuss their vision and strategy around Big Data, and I really liked what I heard. I had no idea that HDS is so well positioned to become one of the major players in big data storage.

I wasn’t surprised that HDS already has the technical foundation to address big data storage needs, based on the strengths of its storage virtualization, content platform, and unified storage technologies, and its many decades of experience in enterprise storage.  But I wasn’t aware of the business and vertical market foundation that HDS is now building upon as a subsidiary company of Hitachi Limited. Jack Domme, Brian Householder, and others discussed the enormous amounts of data that various Hitachi companies generate and/or service today, in vertical markets as diverse as power systems, transportation, health care, and a variety of industrial applications. Though there’s plenty of human-generated information in all of these businesses, there’s a far greater amount of machine-generated data, which a number of large Hitachi companies are processing, analyzing and/or storing today. It’s this extremely large and continuously growing set of M2M or machine-to-machine content that presents HDS with an incredible opportunity going forward, and gives HDS an advantage over nearly all of its major storage competitors.

HDS is still in the early stages of getting the word out about its big data play, but expect to hear a lot more during the next 12 months. For example, the product marketing team will soon be publishing a number of current customer use cases, which will help to illustrate the caliber and diversity of Hitachi’s big data opportunity. Stay tuned!

  • Premiered: 11/08/12
  • Author: Jeff Byrne
Topic(s): Big Data HDS


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