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GreenBytes Solidarity Offers Better than Solid Performance

GreenBytes Solidarity is a high availability primary storage system with a single, highly optimized SSD storage tier. It’s targeted to the SME market where virtualization is growing by leaps and bounds, which presents its own set of challenges around storing fast-growing data.

GreenBytes GO OS is Solidarity’s snappily named operating system that provides inline, real-time deduplication and compression. The OS also provides a technology called Smart Write that coalesces writes and the transactional IO associated with databases. This helps to optimize system endurance and performance, and lets databases take advantage of the efficiencies of single tier storage.

The dual controller unit offers 3.5 TB (15 TB deduped) to 13.5 TB (60 TB deduped) along with high IOPs for very fast throughput, a must for transactional applications. Virtual storage pools turn single tier storage into virtual tiers without the expense and overhead of physical tiering products and data movement.

The overall value proposition is optimizing data for greater capacity and longer term retention on disk, while simultaneously optimizing every stored byte for maximum performance. The product stretches the delivered capacity and performance of storage, particularly storage behind virtual infrastructures. This is where fewer datastores ease management and increase the benefits of dedupe.

Solidarity offers strong features and high availability to a market that doesn’t usually get these benefits from their storage systems.  This is certainly not something we see every day. It’s a promising technology; we hope to put it through its paces very soon.

  • Premiered: 04/24/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): GreenBytes Solidarity SSD Storage


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