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Filling In With Flash - Tintri Offers Smaller All Flash For Hungry VMs

In 2015 we finally saw VVOLs start to roll out, yet VVOL support varies widely and so far hasn't been as impressive as we'd have thought. Perhaps VMware's own Virtual SAN stole some of their own show, but more likely spotty VVOL enhancements just haven't leveled the playing field with enterprise grade VM aware storage like that from Tintri. And in fact Tintri is still running away with the ball having rolled out fast all-flash solutions earlier this year (at 72 and 36TB effective capacity).

Recently, Tintri has expanded that line-up to include a smaller T5040 all flash (18TB effective). It seems that this size was in demand by customers that wanted to address "pockets of performance" within virtualization clusters where it isn't practical (yet?) to fully migrate everything to all-flash (see other Taneja Group writings on the race between all-flash and hybrids). 

Tintri also offers agility in virtualization aware storage because they support more than one hypervisor, with their recently upgraded OS version (4.1) now supporting VVOLs (cool leverage, yes?), Xenserver, and additional compatibility with MS Hyper-V. 

Tintri has always had some great per-VM storage analytics built-in.  They are now previewing a new generation of analytics that will supposedly have built in predictive power for what-if questions like "given growth in workload X, how much more capacity will I need?".  I love predictive modeling, and having a storage solution build in that kind of management insight directly is awesome.  I can't wait to see what 2016 brings - Tintri is certainly right in the thick of things with vm-aware storage, multi-hypervisor support, flash and hybrid solutions, and advanced analytics!

  • Premiered: 12/17/15
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Tintri Virtualization Flash Performance


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