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Feeling Secure: Enforcing Virtual Infrastructure Compliance

Late last year, Taneja analyst Jeff Byrne noted the upswing in concern about virtual machine security. Nowhere is that concern more keenly felt than in highly regulated industries, where compliance is king. Industry, regulatory and corporate compliance challenges are exacerbated in a highly virtualized environment, especially a fast-growing one.

Reflex Systems, the established security appliance vendor, is tackling these challenges with Virtual Management Center (VMC). The company aims to manage, secure, audit and control the broader virtual infrastructure, leveraging its virtual server security appliance expertise. I'm particularly impressed by VMC's non-invasive discovery features and policy-based compliance enforcement.

The virtual environment management space is attracting subject matter experts from all corners of the data center - servers, storage, network, and now, security. With Reflex VMC, IT managers can add real-time intrusion-detection to their instrument panel, and track all potentially-harmful VM changes across multiple virtualization platforms. I'm eager to see Reflex establish alliances with run book automation vendors, to further simplify compliance management throughout the virtual IT lifecycle.

  • Premiered: 01/23/09
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Security Virtualization Reflex Systems


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