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Expanding IBM SmartCloud Storage with Storage Access

IBM is keeping itself busy by expanding SmartCloud offerings. SmartCloud is a whale of a platform enabling private and hybrid clouds, services (Infrastructure, Platform and Software), and cloud-enabled applications; not to mention IBM’s heavyweight consulting and implementation offerings.

IBM’s SmartCloud Storage portfolio uses IBM hardware and software to build private, public and hybrid clouds. The portfolio spans the lifetime of cloud deployment:

1.    Building stage: SmartCloud Storage Access, IBM Active Cloud Engine, storage and data services for the cloud.
2.    Running stage: SmartCloud for managed and hosted services.
3.    Consuming stage: Object storage with SmartCloud Enterprise.

SmartCloud Storage Access is a recent addition to IBM SmartCloud Storage. Storage Access runs on IBM Scale Out Network Attached Storage (SONAS) and IBM Storwize V7000 Unified Storage, and leverages Tivoli Storage Productivity Center (TSPC) to build flexible cloud-based storage. This approach lets IBM and Tivoli users leverage their existing storage investments to build a powerful and flexible private cloud.

  • Secure Access. Admins can use existing authentication services to control user access for individuals, roles and regions. Administrators can set up policy-driven approval processes for users.
  • Simplified Provisioning. End-users may securely log in through the portal to request storage provisioning and can access their data from multiple endpoints.
  • Complete Reporting. Both administrators and end-users may run dashboard reports for queries on historical usage. The reports are customizable by service role.
  • Definable Service Levels. IT can define a service catalog to help balance performance and optimize capacity utilization across multiple tiers of storage infrastructure.

Cloud storage services are critical to the smart use of the cloud. We find that leveraging IBM SmartCloud Storage with Storage Access is a cost-effective way for building flexible cloud storage, especially for existing IBM scale-out storage and Tivoli owners. IT does not have to give up their scale-out NAS or unified SAN/NAS storage in favor of cloud storage, but instead can preserve investments and take advantage of the cloud’s efficiency and agility.




  • Premiered: 02/08/13
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): IBM Storwize SONAS scale-out Cloud SmartCloud Storage Access


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