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Exablox Brings It On - Enterprise Features for Everyone

Exablox announced their OneBlox storage system today which is sure to grab the attention of any non-storage expert who has ever struggled with more than one drive. What they've basically done with OneBlox is implemented an enterprise featured CIFS/SMB file system on top of an embedded object storage platform. It's dead simple to use with data protection, DR, and capacity optimization integral to its highly affordable 8 drive-bay nodes. With this design, OneBlox is aimed at SME markets and larger enterprise departmental scenarios.

Because of the internal object nature, enterprise features like automatic snapshots on every write, inline deduplication, and scale-out clustering up to 6 nodes in a "ring" (with replication local across the "ring" and remote between "rings") are naturally included in the single low-cost solution. And those features operate automatically - no storage expert required.

There are a lot of very interesting features built into OneBlox - cloud-based management, full encryption, single global namespace, and what I would call BYODrive. You pop in your own drives that you source from wherever you want.  You can reuse, repurpose and recycle drives easily with OneBlox. To upgrade, just pull a drive out (data is replicated, not RAID, so no worries there), throw it away (its encrypted!), and push in a replacement (which will get data re-replicated back onto it).

Interested? Read more about Exablox, including two very interesting case studies (one with Museum of Science Boston and the other with Liquid Robotics) in the Taneja Group report, "High End Storage for Everyone"

  • Premiered: 04/24/13
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Exablox OneBlox Storage


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