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Enterprise Storage Projected to Branch Locations: Riverbed and IBM Team Up

I just had the pleasure of sitting with Rob Whitely from Riverbed and Michelle Tidwell from IBM to discuss their jointly validated solution that combines IBM enterprise class storage in the data center with Riverbed Granite in branch locations. Together, the result is as if you had enterprise class storage in each branch location, but really all data is managed and protected in the data center.  And each branch gains resiliency to network failures and local storage performance. 

Since all the data actually is actually consolidated in the data center, backup/restore and patching images and such is made much easier and simpler, and likely cheaper. Overall, agility is perhaps the biggest benefit - branches are dirty and dangerous places for IT infrastructure, but with this approach you can easily copy, deploy, recover or re-deploy any branch's data at any time. 

For those whose central operations and processes depend on aggregating and analyzing branch data, this approach works wonders. All the branch data is kept up to date and available in the data center.

For a great discussion that goes into some more details, see the video of our talk here.

  • Premiered: 01/24/14
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Riverbed IBM ROBO Virtualization Distributed Storage


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