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Emulex Wins

Emulex recently announced two key customer wins with HP and IBM. Announcing customer wins is a time-honored way of reporting vendor success. However, you must take the announcements with a grain of salt. Are they reference wins? Design wins? Hardly-worth-reporting wins? Or worst of all, “pack wins” where the vendor and its competitors and their grandmothers all sell at the same time to the same customer?

And then there are the wins that are highly significant, the ones that provide real insight into technology market directions and major players. We believe that these announcements fall into this category, and validate Emulex’s server-centric strategy for converged networks.

Emulex’s announcements of its converged network wins at HP and IBM fall into this category. Both companies partnered with Emulex to provide converged network adapters for their top-selling HP ProLiant, IBM System x, and BladeCenter product lines. The partnerships illustrate HP’s and IBM’s major investments in converged fabric and FCoE support, and clearly position Emulex’s premiere place as a converged networking provider.

  • Premiered: 03/27/10
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): BladeCenter Emulex HP IBM ProLiant System X


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