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EMC VMAX SP – IT Service Providers Square in the Sights

Our first clue that EMC is targeting VMAX SP software to service providers is the “SP” part. It is targeted solidly at their ability to provide enterprise-level IT services. Many, many service providers operate IT services on a razor-thin profit margin because it can be very expensive to provide even basic services around enterprise backup and archive, let alone massive analytics, virtualization, or heavy transactional databases. Add to this enterprise needs around rapid and expansive provisioning, service level safeguards, and complex billing, and you have a lot of IT service providers giving up before they start.

EMC will be providing several levels of VMAX SP offerings later this year and into 2013. The base offering is entry-level VMAX with an added management appliance for provisioning, metering and billing across the three areas controlled by service level agreements: data protection, performance and capacity. Additional offering levels include pre-made customer management portals that SPs can customize and run themselves, up to a fully EMC-run portal that does not require any additional investment from the SP.

Feature Breakdown

  • Multi-Tenancy. This is a basic feature for any SP offering of course. EMC differentiates with intelligent provisioning and management software support from its Intelligence Engine.
  • RESTful API’s. Restful APIs integrate VMAX SP’s provisioning, metering and reporting capabilities with existing infrastructure; IT service providers are not in the business of ordering forklift replacements.
  • Portals: SPs can use a self-service portal to access and manage service tiers, multi-tenancy, customer usage, metering and chargeback features. They can also choose to pay EMC to do it for them.
  • Pre-Packaged Options: The standard metallic service option list applies (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum). The difference is that EMC has pre-configured the service levels to match VMAX SP’s feature set and the SP’s portal choices.

Don’t look for VMAX SP now; EMC will release it to a limited number of hand-picked providers later this year. General release will follow in 2013. No doubt EMC will make changes based on this year’s SP feedback but we think they are going in the right direction to capture more IT service provider customers.

  • Premiered: 05/29/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): EMC VMAX SP IT Service Providers


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