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EMC Enters The HyperConverged Solutions Market With VSPEX BLUE

With its VSPEX BLUE announcement this week at VMware PEX, EMC enters what is becoming a crowded market of HyperConverged products. EMC is not the first to jump on the sister company’s VMware EVO:RAIL franchise but is nonetheless well positioned to quickly become a major player in this space. At first blush you might wonder why EMC would push this product when the core storage software is provided by VMware and not EMC. However, in looking at the VSPEX BLUE product, EMC has done a good job of surrounding the product with complementary services and add-on software like EMC cloud storage and backup services. It looks like EMC is using EVO:RAIL to sell a whole host of complementary add-on software and services through a concept called the VSPEX BLUE MARKET, where a customer can with one-click order additional software.

HyperConvergence is a train that has left the station and EMC understands that it needs to offer a product that is complementary to its vast storage portfolio or risk erosion in its market share dominance. I like how well EMC has thought through this offering and added value to the core EVO:RAIL system. This sets the bar high for other vendors that are looking to differentiate what might otherwise look like a "me too" product. By seamlessly linking this product into its core services and support ecosystem, EMC will ensure that its major customers will not have to leave EMC to get into this new product category. I’m looking forward to seeing how well EVO:RAIL systems progress in 2015 and whether this announcement sparks additional differentiation investments by other EVO:RAIL partners.

  • Premiered: 02/06/15
  • Author: Jeff Kato
Topic(s): EMC hyperconverged hyperconvergence VMware PEX VMWare EVO:RAIL


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