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EMC and Private Cloud/VMware Security

Cloud computing desperately needs secure access, near-perfect availability and data transparency. But security is not the Golden Child of most cloud announcements. Many cloud customers simply assume security as a given... which it's not. I've spoken with many a Tier 1 cloud provider who bemoans the fact that outside of an IT sub-set, customers don't want to hear about the tough layers of physical and digital security in a top-notch data center. Yet this is precisely the message that they need to know. 


EMC has stepped into this gap by insisting on the critical role of secure data movement and management in VMware-based virtual datecenters, or private clouds. They are quite right. Data is growing very quickly and access points and remote devices are growing right along with it. End-users demand pervasive access to data, and virtualized data helps to meet that demand. But along with that demand comes some very real -- and sometimes very dangerous -- security vulnerabilities.

EMC's Security Division RSA has made some strong strides in this area by combining security consulting, data management technology, and virtualization management. Their Cloud Security and Compliance consultants assess the existing security of VMware infrastructures and create plans to fill the compliance holes without sacrificing cloud flexibility and performance. (This includes the central infrastructure and also virtualized endpoints/desktops, which offer highly flexible computing but present potential security challenges.) Consultants use the RSA Archer eGRC Platform, which offers a central console for VMware security management.

This approach to security combines professional services with EMC, RSA and VMware technology  Security integrates with compliance controls and data management tools, delivering a well-governed and highly trusted VMware private cloud. This is a security message the enterprise should find quite atttractive. 

  • Premiered: 04/04/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): EMC RSA VMWare Cloud Virtualization


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