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Embracing the Cloud for Data Protection

The Amazons, Googles and Microsofts of the world aren’t the only game in town when it comes time to choose a cloud vendor for your data protection and business continuity needs. It pays to look at some of the smaller scale cloud solutions now on offer from established DP vendors. Since they’re focused on DP and continuity, unlike the more general purpose hyperscale cloud vendors, they usually offer a more complete and convenient set of services. Plus, once you run all of the numbers, they’re very cost competitive with their bigger, more generalized cousins.

Unitrends is one of the companies we’ve looked at recently and they have one of the more interesting DP cloud solutions out there. First off, they offer two flavors of cloud, the No Limits Cloud and the Forever Cloud. The No Limits Cloud is tied to the backup appliance you’re running at your location and is configured to have backups automatically copied to it as an offsite DR location. It also dynamically scales to the capacity of your local appliance so that you don’t have to worry about manually managing your cloud storage space.

The Forever Cloud offers ‘infinite’ retention, which means that Unitrends will keep 7 daily backups, 4 weekly backups, 12 monthly backups and infinite yearly backups stored in the cloud for long term storage. Customers typically use the Forever Cloud in a hybrid model, where they keep recent backups locally on their appliance for quick access and send backups that they want to keep for a longer period of time out to the cloud.

Unitrends also offers a variety of business continuity options with either flavor of cloud. Their DRaaS capabilities allow you to spin up your VMs and physical servers in their cloud, enabling you to continue operating your business in the event of a local failure. Taking it a step further, if you don’t want to have to formulate and execute your own DR plan, Unitrends will do all of that for you via their White Glove Service. They also offer a service that they call ReliableDR Recovery Assurance. This fully automates the testing and validation of your applications, where backups are recovered and run in a sandbox area to verify that everything will operate properly if they’re ever needed in the event of an outage. This gives you the peace of mind in knowing that should disaster strike, you’ll be able to maintain your operations.

Unitrends isn’t the only data protection vendor that offers customers a DP focused cloud service – Arcserve and Datto, for instance, are among the long list of other vendors that also provide those capabilities. The point is, there are a variety of full featured, competitive options for cloud based data protection available today that you need to look at before making your choice. Look around, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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