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X1 Discovery and the Hot Social Media Field

Social media is a big, big deal and I recently blogged about the market in the context of large matters and the eDiscovery consulting sector. I’m happy to be able to comment now on X1 Discovery and their equally interesting social media announcement. Their aptly named X1 Social Discovery product is a desktop platform that indexes ESI contained in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The product builds on X1’s flagship search technology to index and defensibly search across these sites using metadata fields. The price point is part of its attraction at $945 annually per seat, which frankly is a small price to pay for its capabilities.

eDiscovery and social media is a common enough topic heaven knows. I have divided the vendor landscape into four general areas:

  • Compliance checking. These are the products that crawl employee posted content for potentially compliance-breaking content. The products usually work with FB, Twitter and/or LinkedIn which all store content in very different ways and require specific code development. This approach is the most common one for social media. Smarsh is a common example.
  • SharePoint collaboration. Not all social media exists on the web but also exists within companies. SharePoint collaborative applications are prime examples. StoredIQ is one of the few companies that provide SharePoint searches into the collaborative environment as well as the content blobs.
  • Consultant-driven social media eDiscovery. For large and complex social media eDiscovery, eDiscovery consultant services such as FTI provide customized social media search capability. This level of social media search is geared to hundreds of social media sites across dozens to hundreds of data custodians. It is invaluable for large matters with hundreds of thousands to millions of pages of documents. It has a price tag to match.

The fourth sector is in-house products for social media eDiscovery. This is where X1 Discovery falls, and in some ways they are creating the market. The product is highly cost-effective, covers the Three Usual Suspects social media sites, and offers very fast search and collection. X1 Discovery maintains authentication with MD5 hashing techniques. X1 also applies its existing ECA technology to the resulting social media collection results, thus doing a very nice job of leveraging features in an expanding product push.

In contrast, ad-hoc social media searches are barely able to search a few FB pages an hour and can never reach the level of speed and defensibility that X1 Discovery is able to do. For an in-house solution on straightforward matters and investigations – including native ECA and contained document review -- X1 Discovery is creating a very nice position for itself.

  • Premiered: 10/18/11
  • Author: Taneja Group


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