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Integreon eView: Adaptive Coding with Review Expertise

Integreon is offering adaptive coding with their eView 4.0 review platform. Adaptive coding and predictive coding (and other related terms) are in essence the same technology. Pairing the technology with Integreon’s process expertise is an excellent way to plumb the depths of both offerings.

Integreon’s approach to adaptive coding uses Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) to automate pattern identification between text terms and concepts. LSI algorithms identify patterns and relationships existing between terms and concepts residing in unstructured document sets. Keyword searching requires a spelling similarity between query and keyword, but LSI operates on the principle that different words used in similar contexts might mean similar things. So if an attorney enters the word “stock” in a keyword search and allows for wildcard matches, he’ll get back files containing the  word “stock” and also “stocks,” “stockbroker,” and stockings. (We’ll assume that “stockings” is non-responsive.) He’ll have to do additional keyword searches for “broker” or “trading.” In fact, meet-and-confer meetings frequently consist of brainstorming lists of keywords for exactly this process.

If another attorney uses a search technology founded on LSI and searches for “stock,” she can return results containing “stock” and variations that actually have to with financials and not lingerie. She will also get back “broker,” “dividends,” “trading,” and more that appear within the same context as stocks.
Let’s look at Integreon’s offering based on this technology. Adaptive coding lets hosted eView users quickly classify large document sets by concepts, prioritize the results and batch-code review documents. This highly automated approach enables highly accurate and very fast document review.

But just as importantly, adaptive coding is not the only quality that sets this review platform apart. eView is by no means the first or last eDiscovery platform to adopt adaptive or predictive coding. As valuable as adaptive coding is, Integreon has clearly differentiated itself with their Managed Review service option. Integreon offers expert eDiscovery workflow service throughout the entire EDRM, and their review consultancy is one of the best in the business. By combining eView and adaptive coding with Integreon’s deep workflow and review expertise, users can experience the best of review worlds.

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  • Premiered: 03/21/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): integreon LSI eView review eDiscovery Adaptive Coding predictive coding


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