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DSI300 – DSI’s cost effective VTL solutions reduce complexity & increase security & regulatory compl

On May 18 2012, Dynamic Solutions International (DSI) announced the availability of DSI300-M16, their mid-range Virtual Tape Library (VTL), which provides more storage and flexibility than their cost effective entry level appliance DSI300-VV8.

DSI’s suite of virtual tape appliances consists of entry-level DSI300-VV8, mid-range DSI300-M16, and the DSI300-EV0 for Enterprise customers. These VTL solutions from DSI are much more cost effective, less complex, and require less maintenance than traditional tape backup systems. DSI utilizes FalconStor 7.0 VTL engine.

Data is increasing at a tsunami pace. At this time of economic uncertainty and explosive data growth, organizations of all sizes are looking for cost-effective data protection solutions that eliminate the need for physical tape. The DSI300 family facilitates much faster data access reducing organization’s Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) while improving Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

The latest DSI300 solutions are highly scalable and customizable and are offered at a fraction of the cost of traditional tape solutions. DSI is forecasting much higher traction in the financial vertical and international markets due to their low price points. DSI is forecasting as much as 3X forecasted growth in the international markets in the upcoming year.

Some of the key features of the DSI300 family include heterogeneous storage environment support, data-at-rest-encryption, flexiblestorageexpansion, tape stacking, enhanced reporting and search, and IP-based replication with encryption and compression. Optional Features to mid-range DSI300 line include additional Fibre Channel ports, SCSI Interfaces, and VTL Agent software.

The DSI300 family offers impressive capacity number including support for 128 virtual tape libraries, 1,024 virtual tape drives, between 8,000 and 64,000 virtual tape cartridges per library, between 16TB & 48TB usable storage, and 64,000 virtual volumes per replication.

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  • Premiered: 06/20/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
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