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Diamanti Reveals Hyperconverged Scale-out Appliances for Containers

Diamanti (pre-launch known as has recently rolled out their brand new hyperconverged "container" appliances. Why would containers, supposedly able to be fluidly hosted just about anywhere, need a specially built host? Kubernetes might take care of CPU allotment, but there are still big obstacles for naked containers in a production data center, especially as containers are now being lined up to host far more than simple stateless micro-services.  Now their real-world storage and networking needs have to be matched, aligned, and managed or the whole efficiency opportunity can be easily lost.

Diamanti has charged in here with a clustering host node design that includes a custom hardware acceleration card with software that together virtualize container IO and network traffic. Each container can now deploy with as many virtual network interfaces (each with its own virtual MAC and IP address) and storage volumes as desired. Diamanti guarantees container QoS on CPU, storage and network, isolates each container's IO and traffic (no noisy neighbor issues), and accelerates performance compared to native O/S container hosting. For performance, they deliver traffic to and from containers using low-level queues, not sending packets up and down through layers of virtual indirection.  In fact, there is no hypervisor to route anything through.

Storage volumes here look local even if they are "remote" somewhere else in the rack (version 1 here clusters/scales up to a rack of units).  The hardward accelerates replication, compression and remote network IO (it is also the high-speed local traffic "switch" between containers within the node) so that you can get the benefits of Software defined, but take advantage of bare metal performance.

Just when we where thinking that containers were finally making IT infrastructure uber commoditized...  I can imagine this will set off a whole other arm's race to build "better" container environments.

  • Premiered: 04/24/16
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Diamanti hyperconvergence containers


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