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Deep and Broad - Following IO from VM through SAN with Virtual Instruments

Recently we had the pleasure to conduct an in-depth field study for Virtual Instruments (VI) in which we got to interview, without interference, six of their large enterprise customers spanning verticals including technology, manufacturing, retail, telecom, financial services and government. The results were both expected and surprising. Expected because we knew that Virtual Instruments is delivering infrastructure performance solutions designed to help identify and troubleshoot IO issues deep down into the protocol level in the SAN and then up and across arrays on one end and physical or virtual machines on the other. No other vendor does what they do (as the clients all testified) to provide critically important management and visibility across the complex SAN environment. Basically these clients advised us that if you have mission-critical services that depend on storage, you'll find VI indispensable in meeting service levels and optimizing infrastructure.

At the same time, the results were surprising because every interviewee volunteered that Virtual Instruments is unequalled in its account relationships, customer support, and proactive engagement, especially compared to other systems and performance management vendors. This is a company that is doing something very right at multiple levels.

Digging a little deeper, we documented that VI has indeed helped these enterprises squeeze more out of their existing storage, enabled consolidation, and validated planned storage acquisitions. These companies offered multiple anecdotes about using VI to solve deep, highly visible, and potentially costly IO issues that they just couldn't address with any other solution, including with a storage vendor's own storage management. The recognized savings in both CAPEX and OPEX was real and easily justified an enterprise-wide deployment. In some cases VI's operational insight and optimization directly accelerates external competitive advantages in performance and service.

The report itself is a quick read about real people tackling real challenges. If you maintain storage in an enterprise data center or wonder what a great IT vendor does to deserve your patronage, you'll want to check it out - you can find it free here...


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