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Symantec - The Goliath of Intelligent Information Management

Fresh out of the Symantec Worldwide Analyst Day event in NYC, I am extremely bullish on Symantec. This is not because I suddenly felt impressed by any particular product release or by the portfolio of products that Symantec displayed at the conference. I am impressed by Symantec because I think finally Symantec has figured out the way to bind together all its products - or rather solutions - into a single coherent message. This message should resonate with businesses of all shapes and sizes, including prospects who may have stayed out because they were not sure of how Symantec's products can solve the problem together. That is no longer the case. Symantec's competition should take notice as it catapults itself into th information management market as one of the top notch players.

When Symantec acquired Veritas it left many folks wondering as to how the legacy Symantec portfolio would blend with that of Veritas. In fact for a few years since the Veritas acquisition, its products languished a bit as the competition started improving their solutions or many platform vendors started bundling their products into their core operating systems. As these vendors started improving their products Symantec started losing precious market share. It now seems ready to take it back as it refocuses on its core message - and the way its offerings can solve the problems in a coherent manner.

Symantec's acquisition was never about competiting with the likes of IBM and Oracle bundling software into their core OS. Or for that matter, it was never about hardware vs. software. It was about elevating that experience - providing that single pane of glass to manage information as it was generated. Symantec's vision was to provide a consistent end-user experience. In enabling information intelligence. And tackling the "Mega Trends" along the way as Symantec put it. That core message is now the vehicle through which Symantec is reorganizing its products and in the process providing (a much needed) boost to its product portfolio. With newer features, refreshes and capabilities this "new" portfolio should make their competition envious. Bottom line is that an engineering organization with a strong engineering culture always wins. It just needs to stay current in marketing and product management efforts.

Symantec has organized its portfolio around three "Mega Trends": Virtualization, Cloud and Mobile. And what it calls as Information Explosion - being able to offer data protection, security, optimization and ease of management across the board. For the first time, it now makes the product portfolio almost irrelevant as to which acquisition it came from. Symantec can now boast of a complete portfolio - including hardware and appliances. The important question for customers should now be - how can I deploy a complete solution from a single vendor across my enterprise - right from the end user base, mobile devices etc. all the way into the data center and beyond to the cloud. It is all about Seamless and Intelligent Information Management. SIIM anyone?

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  • Premiered: 05/26/11
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): Symantec Virtualization Data protection Cloud NAS


Nice review on The Symantec offerings!

I think it may as a result create a single-point-of-dependency with all Mega trends coming from one vendor

By Atul on 06/11/11


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