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CTERA 5.0 Cloud Gateway Embeds File Sync and Share Services

CTERA this week announced their 5.0 cloud gateway, which presents a compelling convergence play of distributed cloud-backed NAS, integral backup services, and now natively built-in enterprise-wide file syncing and sharing services and interfaces. Yep, end users get a fully secured endless NAS, local backup/restore to their files, and the global file and document collaboration they otherwise go around IT by using insecure public services. This really helps organizations address the broader trend toward the end-user driven"consumerization of IT".

The term "convergence" keeps coming up everywhere these days in IT.  No doubt it's definitely time that the IT "stack" of stuff get simpler, more integrated and more automated.  We like what CTERA has done here, naturally solving a problem for IT in one blow by providing a single standalone "office" solution that meets a number of end business user needs (and desires!), and at the same time, making delivering those capabilities dead simple across any shape of distributed organization.

For more information, look for an upcoming Taneja Group Solution Profile exploring CTERA 5.0 in more depth.

  • Premiered: 05/14/15
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): CTERA EFSS cloud gateway File Sync and Share Backup NAS


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