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Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery and StorTrends

“Having it all” was a winning marketing concept in the 80s and 90s but we know different now. When it comes to disaster recovery this is particularly true. DR is the insurance you hope you never have to use: do you go with the very expensive insurance for peace of mind -- or cheap catastrophic insurance and pay for everything else? DR seems like it’s this way – either pay through the nose for an expensive replication system or go without, depend on daily backup, and hope for the best.

There is a middle way with systems that cost-effectively store, replicate and do not lock you in to expensive hardware and software components. AMI StorTrends is one example, offering very good ROI at both local and remote DR sites. StorTrends yields DR savings from several different features including bandwidth, open architecture, and SAS/SATA combinations.

•    Cost-effective bandwidth usage. Controlling bandwidth costs requires managing the amount of data going through the pipes so deduplication, compression, and sending minimal changes will cost-effectively optimize WAN performance. StorTrends combines WDS (WAN-optimization Data Services) with IP protocols to optimize data transfer speeds across the WAN. Delta snapshots also keep data from being unnecessarily transferred in the first place.

•    Cost-effective scalability. Purchase price is one thing but scaling is another. Many storage vendors get customers in the door with a low purchase price but subsequent scaling is at a premium price. StorTrends scales cost-effectively by linearly scaling capacity and performance with cascading SAS/SATA JBODs behind the SAN/NAS head. Tiered storage architecture lets customers use fast SAS drives for high performance and add large capacity, inexpensive SATA for long-term capacity retention.

•    Open architecture. StorTrends iTX Data Storage Software, which enables fast data transfer speeds with dedupe and compression, is engineered for off-the-shelf units. Users are not locked in to specific (and often expensive) hardware platforms. Its open architecture also enables smooth integration with third party products such as a tape device or eDiscovery search and collection software for the StorTrends storage stack.

Learn more about StorTrends and disaster recovery at a StorTrends webinar Friday, July 20, 2012 from 2pm to 3pm ET. 

  • Premiered: 07/17/12
  • Author: Taneja Group
Topic(s): StorTrends AMI Data protection replication Disaster Recovery DR


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