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The Breakout: The Nirvanix Cloud - storming your way.

Interesting changes are afoot at Nirvanix - from conversations this week, it looks like Nirvanix is poised to unleash an entirely new push of their approach to cloud storage for enterprises the world over.  It's about time!

We've followed Nirvanix since nearly day 1, and those were some long ago days.  Since then, they've run a cloud storage service - the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network (or SDN) - with a unique level of data integrity, robustness, and extensibility, long before the other players on the scene today took a whiff of this new cloudy wind blowing through town and started building their own services.  In comparison to a lot of those offerings on the market today, Nirvanix still remains highly differentiated in dimensions like data protection, data integrity, API sophistication, and extensibility.  With a little injection of some new marketing energy, Nirvanix is laying claim to just where their differentiation has taken them, and as partial evidence is a notable list of customers like NBC, Logitech, GE, Cisco, etc. (Think back a bit, and you'll realize most of the mission critical high value content storage deals you've seen go to the cloud have happened with Nirvanix - the competition doesn't get many wins when it comes to things like storing NASA's key data and assets like irreplaceable historic film footage)

So what's the big deal, the big news, or why is it as I said "about time"?  In my book, Nirvanix's core service - the beating heart of SDN - has in many ways been a running distraction from realizing their differentiation and the breadth of their total capabilities.  Now Nirvanix seems to be banging the war drums and suggesting they're marching to a different tune. 

I hope so.  You see, while SDN may be their heart, Nirvanix is a lot more than just SDN, or the sum of the parts that make up the other things they offer.  What are those parts?  You probably don't know about them. 

One is CloudNAS, an SDN integrated software NAS that comes at no charge, and automatically caches and moves data into the cloud.  Software already, and with several years of in-the-field track record behind it; not an appliance or some specialized storage system that a vendor is still trying to ramp up to full capabilities. 

The other is Nirvanix hNode.  And hNode calls out just what Nirvanix is about.  hNode is a local instantiation of a node on the Nirvanix SDN, with all of the capabilities of SDN, but with unique levels of partitioning and security built in, and packaged up as a couple hundred TBs of storage, or able to be deployed on top of capacity you may already own.  Along with that local deployment comes screaming performance, and then efficient in the background replication to any other hNode or SDN node you choose to replicate to.  While other vendors are making noise about how to connect and replicate their cloud storage to other services, or federate systems together, hNode is an extension of the SDN architecture that Nirvanix has already been using to do serve up cloud for years.  It's not an on your own, build from scratch service that you'll try to cobble together with something you hope some service provider on the other side of a pipe is doing (and doing right), but in contrast it is an extension of an enterprise class platform inside of your enterprise walls where it can be securely partitioned in any way desired, talk to other private nodes anywhere you deploy them, yet still integrate with the total Nirvanix SDN anytime you have data to move or distribute around the world to one of their globally distributed points of presence.  It's a bit like dropping petabytes of capacity and 7 whole data centers right into your own data center by way of only a 1/2 rack of equipment or so. 

I realize it is more than easy to get sucked into core operations, especially when your core operations are the very thing that bring and keep customers everyday.  The service provider is clearly a different creature.  But Nirvanix is equal parts technology innovator as it is service provider, and it is good to hear Nirvanix talking about the rest of the goods.  If indeed the game is on and they're bringing out the cheerleaders and first string marketeers, that is good to hear as well.  Ultimately, many businesses can benefit from integration into a Nirvanix ecosystem that seems much better matched to their requirements than what is otherwise available in the market today.


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  • Premiered: 01/28/11
  • Author: Taneja Group


In comparison to a lot of those offerings on the market today, Nirvanix still remains highly differentiated in dimensions like data protection, data integrity, API sophistication, and extensibility. shea butter

By shea butter on 10/07/11


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