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Citrix and the Mobile Cloud

Citrix’s cloud announcements are coming in hot and heavy. One major outreach is providing cloud-based application delivery, file sharing and IT access control for corporations.

Mobile device end-users and IT are often on a collision course. On one hand corporate users are married to their mobile devices, particularly the iPad tablet, iPhone and Blackberries. Many end-users buy their own devices and intend to use them for work as well as personally. These users want what they want: application availability and file sharing, freedom to use their devices at will, and IT support even if the devices are private purchases. At the same time IT has to control application and data access, and to provide security against digital attack and data leakage.

Citrix is trying to create an environment that benefits both communities. Citrix has focused development around an integration between Receiver, ShareFile and CloudGateway 2.  

Citrix Receiver software virtualizes and delivers applications to mobile devices and ShareFile lets users share files from those devices. This is good news for end-users who can access web- or network-based applications, and can collaborate and share data. CloudGateway 2 provides access control to IT needs by delivering approved Windows, SaaS and mobile applications to Receiver and supporting single sign-on. By controlling application and file delivery at the source, IT has a better chance of managing sensitive corporate data.

There were additional product announcements at Synergy, such as upgrades to video conferencing over the iPhone, better mobile support for GoToAssist, and launching of the social collaboration platform Citrix acquired with Podio. But the real news here is Citrix attempting to provide efficient access AND access control to the corporation and its mobile end-users.


  • Premiered: 05/11/12
  • Author: Jeff Byrne
Topic(s): Citrix Synergy cloudgateway receiver sharefile mobile Cloud


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