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Citrix Accelerates Users’ Path to the Cloud

Many of the end users we speak with on a regular basis have not yet embraced the cloud.  When we ask what’s holding them back, we often hear users’ concern that the cloud will force them to turn their IT infrastructures and operations upside down, causing them to lose control and opening their environments up to security threats and all manner of inefficiencies.

Citrix recognizes this, and based on a series of announcements at Synergy this week, is bringing to market a series of offerings that enables users to evolve to the cloud at their own pace and in a non-disruptive way.

Let’s take a quick look at key pieces of Citrix’s cloud portfolio:

  • Citrix CloudStack IaaS enables customers to build and manage their own public or private compute and storage clouds.  By providing CloudStack as an open-source offering under an Apache Software Foundation license, Citrix has broadened its appeal – with more than 60 industry partners announcing support – and has increased the rate of user adoption at the same time.
  • The new Citrix CloudPlatform, also under Apache distribution, brings an orchestration capability to CloudStack, allowing users to deliver secure and reliable cloud services.
  • CloudBridge2 enables users to transparently connect their private clouds and data centers to third-party clouds such as Amazon AWS. This lets private cloud administrators leverage low-cost public clouds as additional data storage tiers. CloudBridge2 offers pre-configured cloud connections and simple provisioning for first-time connections.
  • The NetScaler 10 cloud-enabled application delivery platform allows users to cost-effectively scale their clouds and meet service commitments as their business grows. NetScaler’s TriScale technology further simplifies the scaling process for large enterprise and carrier networks. Citrix also plans to customize NetScaler 10 for popular networks, starting with AWS.
  • XenDesktop with integrated XenApp eases the painful process of running existing Windows apps and desktops alongside new mobile and web-delivered services. XenDesktop decouples Windows applications and desktops from local networks and transitions them into web-delivered services. In addition, Project Avalon integrates CloudPlatform, Apache CloudStack, XenDesktop and XenApp to quickly deploy personalized Windows apps and desktops via a private cloud, with easy access to public clouds for data retention and sharing.

Citrix also revamped its mobile strategy in a big way, which we’ll discuss in a separate post. Collectively, this portfolio of cloud offerings elevates Citrix into the big league of leading cloud technology providers while providing a platform that perfectly complements its newly announced mobile enterprise strategy.  Granted, not all the pieces are in place yet and Citrix is trailing competitors like VMware in this segment of the market.  Nonetheless, we’re excited to see Citrix’s cloud story coming together, and hope that both IT and service providers will stand up and take notice at what the company has to offer.

  • Premiered: 05/10/12
  • Author: Jeff Byrne
Topic(s): Citrix Cloud XenDesktop


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