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Choosing The Best Hadoop Infrastructure for Enterprise IT

Here at Taneja Group we've just published a new market landscape premium report on Enterprise Hadoop Infrastructure aimed at helping IT folks survey, evaluate and choose the right Hadoop distribution and supporting server and storage infrastructure.

One of the big takeaways from this analysis is that Hadoop is coming in a big way to enterprise IT organizations, whether they are familiar with big data architectures or not. While working on this report, we aimed to address the first two big questions about supporting big data in IT:

  1. Which Hadoop distribution makes the most sense?
  2. What is the right infrastructure/deployment model given Hadoop is available in physical, cloud, and virtual forms, with appliance, converged, and external storage options?

The different Hadoop distros each offer something unique and compelling, currently making a "standard" choice difficult. We examine some of the key areas of differentiation here, including support value, enterprise management, enhancing capabilities, and specialized optimization to figure out what's really important to enterprise IT folks.

Interestingly, the infrastructure hosting decision contains significant IT challenges of where and how to manage the actual big data itself - virtual storage, commodity clusters, purpose built appliances, cloud augmentation, and external SAN's are all viable in different scenarios. Addressing this storage issue as well as other considerations can help IT quickly narrow down the options.

For more information on the report, click through to the full abstract...

Market Landscape Report Abstract: Enterprise Hadoop Infrastructure for Big Data IT

Hadoop is coming to enterprise IT in a big way. The competitive advantage that can be gained from analyzing big data is jus too "big" to ignore. And the amount of data available to crunch is only growing bigger, whether from new sensos, capture of people, systems and process "data exhaust", or just longer retention of available raw or low-level details. It's clear that enterprise IT practioners everywhere are soon going to have to operate scale-out computing platforms in the production data center, and being the first, most mature soluion on the scene, Hadoop is the likely target. The good news is that there is now a plethora of Hadoop infrastructure options to choose from to fit almost every practical big data need - the challenge now for IT is to implement the best solutions for their business client needs.

  • Premiered: 10/03/13
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Big Data Market Landscape Hadoop


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