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Bold Moves at Nutanix .NEXT conference

I attended the .NEXT conference in Miami on Monday. Just like Nutanix changed the way infrastructure will be done tomorrow via the HyperConverged paradigm it now wants to make hypervisors a pure commodity and move intelligence into the upper layers. Via new software, Acropolis, and a new version of Prism management software, Nutanix will allow one click movement of VMs from/to ESXi from/to Hyper-V from/to KVM-based Acropolis hypervisor. This migration will include containers over time. Now for the first time (to my knowledge) one will be able to automatically and transparently move a VM between these hypervisors but even more importantly, nodes running these hypervisors can all be in the same cluster and all managed uniformly via Prism management. Customers can test out different hypervisors for different tasks knowing they can return to the original hypervisor whenever they want to. If nothing else this will put downward pressure on VMware’s licensing fees. Microsoft couldn’t be happier as many customers would love to try out Hyper-V to save money and now they can do it without risk.

There were several other announcements but this stood out clearly as bellwether. What it shows is that Nutanix is a BIG strategic thinker and has the guts to go along with that. Now that every Tom, Dick and Harry is jumping into HyperConvergence (many do not meet the requirements but that doesn’t stop them from jumping in, nevertheless), Nutanix wants to raise the bar. And they surely did.

It will make for an interesting 2016. 

  • Premiered: 06/10/15
  • Author: Arun Taneja
Topic(s): .NEXT Nutanix hyperconvergence hyperconverged hypervisors VM Virtual Machine Hyper-V Arun Taneja


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