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VMware Support for eDiscovery

There is a lot of interesting news coming out of VMworld 2008, which is on its last day even as we speak (or rather as I write.) One of the most interesting pieces of news is the growing ability of eDiscovery vendors to add VMware support to their search and classification technology. With virtual server networks growing quickly in corporate settings, the ability to discover ESI in virtualized storage is fast becoming a critical component of search and classification eDiscovery tools.

Kazeon has introduced Version 3.1 of its Information Server software that fully supports VMware instances and images. As Kazeon already supports discovery on servers, laptops and desktops it extends this capability to virtual machines. Lacking this capability, eDiscovery will miss relevant data in virtual repositories, leading to inadequate eDiscovery and potentially costly litigation losses. Kazeon is able to discover information in virtual networks that is otherwise opaque to searches. And since Kazeon practices in-place analysis and collection, there is no need to move data from virtual storage to different repositories. The result is defensible and thorough eDiscovery searches as a critical stage of litigation workflow.

This is an important development in the battle to expose all relevant ESI to search and collection, whether the location is physical or virtual.

  • Premiered: 09/18/08
  • Author: Taneja Group


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