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Mimosa and Early Case Assessment

We have always liked Mimosa Systems, which offers no-nonsense, efficient and integrated content archiving for file systems and Exchange. Last year they tackled eDiscovery and compliance by adding broad eDiscovery capabilities to optimize NearPoint for the EDRM eDiscovery model. (Among features like index, search, litigation holds, and analysis, NearPoint offers full Exchange data capture using continuous application shadowing.)

Now Mimosa has added new early case assessment (ECA) capabilities to their NearPoint Tiered Storage Option (TSO). TSO intelligently tiers archives so IT can centrally manage, index, and set policies across multiple data locations. This is a very useful capability for controlling storage costs in general, and specifically is good news for managing litigation eDiscovery. ECA is the process of estimating the cost of a given case, allowing counsel to make decisions between settlement or judgment, and assigning resources to the case. But when it comes to eDiscovery, ECA can be difficult to impossible without software tools to quickly ferret out relevant data and accurately estimate eDiscovery costs.

TSO provides ECA tools to tiered storage archives, so legal staff can quickly and accurately calculate the extent and relative importance of discoverable archived data. From this point, Legal can choose to continue the eDiscovery process to collect, hold, analyze, and produce relevant data as needed. TSO also allows IT to stage relevant archived items to fast disk for eDiscovery searches, so queries are not hampered by data residing on slower long-term archival media. Data can also be migrated to protected repositories such as CAS or WORM devices.

Organizations are faced with high and escalating costs around eDiscovery, including the high costs of legal resources and eDiscovery stumbles and delays. Mimosa TSO’s storage optimization and eDiscovery support minimizes these costs, making it a strong choice for businesses who are facing rising storage costs and litigation.

  • Premiered: 10/23/08
  • Author: Taneja Group


You should have a look at for ediscovery early case assessment. Run it anywhere, anytime on as much data as you want for a flat $198. Creates a local database along with 25+ reports.


By tom.strack on 10/30/08


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