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Cohesity’s Hyperconverged Secondary Storage Unifies File and Object Services

Last week, Cohesity announced Orion 5.0. This latest release extends the Cohesity DataPlatform to support multiple hypervisors (including Hyper-V), backup for any NAS device and multiprotocol support to archive and access content via NFS, CIFS, SMB and S3 protocols.

Orion 5.0 is a comprehensive Cohesity DataPlatform release and demonstrates the value of being a first mover. Cohesity was one of the first companies to deliver a scale-out secondary storage solution to both consolidate and better manage a company’s entire secondary data environment.

Equally important, the value of consolidating secondary storage is now recognized by IT shops. In a recent Taneja Group study, nearly 50% of participants indicated that the ability to consolidate secondary storage use cases (backups, file services, object storage, etc.) provided the greatest value when they implemented a copy data management solution. Thus, we expect other data protection and secondary storage vendors to soon follow suit. And object storage is set to become the dominant storage foundation for next-gen secondary storage solutions that deliver infinitely scalable data backup/recovery, data compliance and active archival under one roof.


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