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VMware Brings Customers One Step Closer to the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

VMware’s launch today of its updated cloud strategy and offerings, and particularly the progress made around VMware Cloud on AWS, gives enterprise customers a better feel for how VMware can enrich and accelerate their journey to the cloud.

Customers should be looking for VMware Cloud on AWS to ultimately provide the ability to do pretty much anything they can do today in their on-prem VMware deployments, across multiple, enterprise-grade public/private/hybrid clouds. We think that’s a future that VMware is rapidly marching towards.

With today’s announcements and related updates, VMware is demonstrating some good progress:

  • One large media customer is in the process of migrating 1,800 apps, reportedly with no downtime, and will be using AWS services to enhance their deployment
  • As customers migrate their business (and in some cases business-critical) workloads, they are taking advantage of the VMware Cloud on AWS solution to strengthen and enhance DR capabilities and extend their data center via a hybrid cloud deployment
  • New cloud-like auto-provisioning capabilities, via support of AWS Cloud Formation templates and Hashicorp Terraform modules, will help speed app deployments
  • Organizations in all major industries are beginning to adopt VMware Cloud on AWS for both new and existing workloads
  • The service is now expanding to the EMEA region, initially in UK/London with Frankfurt to follow in the next few months, with broader European and Asian coverage planned in the near future
  • Critically, VMware channel partners will soon be selling and supporting VMware Cloud on AWS deployments, building further momentum. Partner participation is being kicked off with a new VMware Cloud on AWS solution competency and worldwide training programs
  • VMware is on a very quick release cadence: this is the third VMware Cloud on AWS release in just six months, since GA was announced at VMworld US last September. Each new release is bringing new capabilities, use cases and customer wins.

But VMC will also take customers beyond what they can do today in their datacenter, in some important and innovative ways. Imagine vMotioning your workloads between your datacenter and the VMware Cloud on AWS with the support of Hybrid Cloud Extension. Then add on the ability to synchronously replicate those workloads between different availability zones in a given region, using Stretched Clusters, to enable high availability with zero RPOs. When this capability is supported in production later this year, customers should actually be able to achieve a higher level of application availability on VMware Cloud on AWS than they do on premises.

We look forward to seeing what VMware has in store for VMware Cloud on AWS as the year—and the steady stream of new releases—progresses.

  • Premiered: 03/07/18
  • Author: Jeff Byrne
Topic(s): Cloud VMWare Enterprise Hybrid AWS


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