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Data Protection Needs to be Everywhere – Including the Public Cloud

Moving workloads to the public cloud is now a priority for the majority of companies. In fact, over 60% of firms we recently surveyed are housing business-critical assets in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or other public clouds. The advantages of elasticity, resources on demand and pay-as-you-go economics are simply too compelling to ignore, but barriers to adoption still exist, such as lack of control and security. These remaining shortfalls have made some customers reluctant to move their workloads to public cloud infrastructure, but that may soon change.

Leading storage and data protection vendors are helping companies overcome cloud limitations by extending their products to support public cloud environments. For instance, Dell EMC recently announced Data Domain (DD) Cloud Tier, enhancements to NetWorker with CloudBoost to protect applications running on Microsoft Azure and Spanning Backup for Office 365 is now available in the European Union (EU).

The key takeaway of these announcements is Dell EMC is delivering on their commitment to provide a consistent data protection experience, irrespective of whether data resides on-premises or in cloud. For example, for companies using NetWorker with CloudBoost with Azure, everything is done in the cloud, but functionality is the same as using NetWorker on-premises. The NetWorker instance sits in the cloud using Azure compute, all policies work the same and the data de-duplication, compression and encryption is the same. And with DD Cloud Tier, IT application administrators are now empowered (using an application’s native interface or CLI commands) to perform their own long-term backups to Virtustream Storage Cloud, Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) or third party public clouds. Data efficiency is enabled with de-duplication and data security ensured using DD Encryption and DD Retention Lock.

Realizing true continuity between existing IT operations and public cloud environments is a journey and it will take time for all companies to embrace the public cloud, but it’s good to see Dell EMC and other vendors making the right moves to help companies guarantee the required service levels when data or entire applications stacks are hosted in public or hybrid cloud environments.


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