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Data in Space: SANs Now Include Satellite Array Networks

All you storage geeks and science fiction fans rejoice! If Cloud Constellation gets its way, you'll soon be able to directly hybridize your dreary earthbound data center storage with actually above-the-clouds storage. Yep, protect your sensitive data by replicating it to true satellite storage. Only James Bond with a spare Shuttle would be able to hack those things. Just how far fetched is this idea?

Actually not that far fetched. As audacious as the plan is for an individual startup, the actual tech involved is not that hard to fathom - laser uplinks/crosslinks and satellites full of solid state. Cloud Constellation has a plan to launch a "Space Belt" of redundantly linked satellites around the globe. This provides at least two big opportunities. The first is direct single "hop" extra-terrestrial secondary storage that is truly secure (and currently space based storage meets all geo-location regulatory and compliance requirements). The second is that a growing belt of laser-linked satellites can transmit massive data volumes around the world in half the time of earthly bound networks. If you want real-time, big data flows, and the ultimate in out-of-this-world security, this could be a real game-changing evolution.

Ok, they haven't launched any satellites yet. But they have some serious funding and an enchanting story. If they can pull off some deployment in the next two years, they will define a whole new world of serious data protection and global data communication.  We expect government agencies of all kinds to be early customers, followed close behind by global corporations or those uber sensitive data-based companies (you know who you are!).  Practically Cloud Constellation will likely sell services to more regionalized cloud service providers who will OEM the off-site protection as a competitive offering. Then even a small cloud SP will be able to offer top-end protected storage where today SP's have to grow to a point of having enough disparate regions to replicate across.


  • Premiered: 05/17/16
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): SpaceBelt Cloud Constellation Data protection satellites


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