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Connected Data Brings Transporter to Businesses With Genesis Appliance

Ok, who here has used their free Dropbox (or similar) account not just at home but at work? Turns out that most of us do that can get away with it. Enterprises who care about data security are all scrambling to provide those kinds of data services to users, but hoping to do it far more securely.

As a problem for us end users - who here has run into the edge of their free file sharing account and wondered if they are going to be held hostage to paying $99+/yr for the rest of their life? Actually when most of us hit the free limit, we tend to delete data and drop shared folders. Ultimately only a few percent actually end up paying while we end up restricting our online sharing (and putting at risk those shared storage providers who aren't yet making much of a profit if any).

Connected Data, with its merged Drobo assets, has been shipping a successful "Transporter" device solution for home and small office use for awhile. For those that can plug in a hard drive, a couple of Transporters essentially deliver a protected private "small" cloud file sharing solution. They automatically replicate master data between themselves, however many you "web" up, and then deliver that "my files are available and shared anywhere" service we want to all our end user devices.

But the problem is that these are small devices that just don't scale. Growing and large businesses have had to struggle to patch and layer together multiple (and expensive) on-premise solutions to try to emulate and deliver what all their users are already getting for free, and by and large (as the statistics show) not being very successful.

As enterprises wanted in on the Transporter "plug and play and we are done" approach to this problem, Connected Data today is announcing their Transporter Genesis appliance. Basically it's a big brother that comes in a rack mount form holding up to 48TB. They've also added corporate-scale features including SSD metadata acceleration, Active Directory support, an ability to define organizations and groups, and optional versioning and read-only access flags.

With Genesis you get a day 1 private file sync and share cloud that works (and looks) just like the freemium public cloud services. All data remains in private control while users sync what they want. And you save on VPN's too since data in transit is encrypted. Seems the price will be just right too to help put one in each remote office for some peace of mind, and provide local performance to large content assets.

  • Premiered: 10/21/14
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Connected Data File Sync and Share


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