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Big Data Appliance Wrapped Up for the Enterprise

Here we are in Santa Clara eagerly awaiting Strata tomorrow and a slew of new of Big Data solutions. Hadoop's R+D infant years are passing, and now it is of the age where vendors are truly adding value for the enterprise IT shop.  Clearly the theme is to wrap up low level complexities into higher value solutions. One standout announcement this week is DDN's hScaler appliance - a monster of a Hadoop machine. You might be thinking that a high-end appliance built from supercomputer class storage hardware runs completely counter to the point of doing analytics on the cheap commodity infrastructure Hadoop was originally designed for. Yet DDN claims it can get the job done with a lot lower TCO than rolling your own from components - and the do all the hard infrastructure work for you.

This claim is based on DDN delivering and supporting a fully integrated Hadoop appliance - complete integrated distro, full management, compute servers, networking, and their Storage Fusion Architecture storage.  By leveraging SFA (and a little RDMA magic) they can deliver massive IOPs faster than DAS meaning they can process huge volumes of data with a smaller, and importantly an overall cheaper, cluster. And all that data is in enterprise class storage - ready for any kind of big data workflows. This is one optimized platform, and worth a much deeper look, especially if you are in the market for a enterprise class Hadoop solution of maybe more than 100 nodes and don't have or want a large staff of open source wiz kids to implement and maintain it.  SI's with vertical markets will definitely want to pick up on this as a platform and layer in a targeted solution as a complete package.

  • Premiered: 02/25/13
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): DDN Big Data Hadoop


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