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All Your Clouds Belong to Us! EMC Federates Virtustream

Today EMC (the squared version) announced the acquisition of Virtustream, and the positioning of it as a new full EMC federation member alongside EMC II (storage, etc.), VMware, and Pivotal.  Virtustream is all about managing mission-critical production workload-hosting clouds, and has both a software business selling management layer solutions and an IaaS business as a service provider.

The obvious question is why do they need Virtustream when they have VMware who has been touting their journey to the cloud for ages? Clearly VMware has lately taken a direction towards the software defined data center (SDDC), in itself full of opportunity. We'd guess that their mission and focus on SDDC for IT has not driven much development towards uber hybrid cloud management solutions suitable for big service providers, or it appears even large hybrid cloud building enterprises. And according to EMC, gaps like those need to be filled even if there is some "small" overlap at first.

Digging deeper, we are told that Virtustream is basically using VMware, including vROPS, as their key virtualization infrastructure, so there isn't as much competition as might first appear. From outside it seems easy to box VMware in as infrastructure virtualization, and Virtustream as large cloud management. Internally however we'd bet there is some jockeying going on for who gets to brand-wise own the EMC "cloud" moniker.

There is clearly no way EMC was going to let IBM and HP run away with selling cloud level services and solutions unopposed.  What will be interesting to see is if Virtustream, with only two rented data centers today, can rise to be a full Federation partner even with partner cooperation and signficant new resources.  And if EMC is now a first-class public IaaS service provider (as a full federation level business - note that RSA isn't a federation level business), how will their other federation channel partner/providers react?

  • Premiered: 05/26/15
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): EMC Virtustream Cloud IaaS


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