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Accelerating Cloud Transformation with Microsoft StorSimple’s New Virtual Appliance

We've always admired StorSimple from before Microsoft acquired them. And what was Microsoft up to, getting into the storage infrastructure space?  Well, if it wasn't apparent before it is now - Microsoft StorSimple is a great on-ramp to the cloud (Azure naturally), especially if formal executive sponsored cloud transformation initiatives just aren't in the cards for the rank and file IT organization. And this week Microsoft just announced a virtual StorSimple appliance option that can help accelerate cloud transformations even faster.

According to Sr. Analyst Christine Taylor here at Taneja Group -

Microsoft StorSimple efficiently extends the local storage infrastructure onto the cloud. With Virtual Array, StorSimple does so much more.  Now the enterprise can bring remote and branch offices into the fold with virtualized StorSimple arrays that can run from remote office premises, or in case of a disaster from Azure. Virtual Array rounds out the StorSimple product family and lets Microsoft broadly expand its customer base to ROBO locations.

My take on it is similar. StorSimple is really about helping Microsoft customers transition to the cloud. What may be surprising to some folks is that we are finding that new StorSimple IT owners have helped their businesses really - and fairly quickly and easily - adopt cloud as an active strategy even when many of those businesses had previously felt years away from being able to take advantage of all that the cloud has to offer.

The new StorSimple Virtual Array option will help IT easily extend the reach and scale of this cloud business enablement to even more of a far-flung business's organizational footprint.  And it enables a type of recovery in the cloud, and eventually primary operations in the cloud, that many SME organizations might have thought out of reach.

  • Premiered: 03/04/16
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): Microsoft StorSimple Cloud Transformation DRaaS Data protection Mike Matchett Christine Taylor


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