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A new gen for NexGen?

NexGen was one of the first real flash/hybrid with QoS storage solutions, and it leveraged PCIe flash (i.e. Fusion-IO cards) to great effect. Which we suppose had something to do with why Fusion-IO bought them up a couple of years ago. But whatever plans were in the works were likely messed up when SanDisk in-turn bought Fusion-IO because we haven't heard form NexGen folks in awhile - not a good sign for a storage solution. Well, SanDisk has now spun NexGen back out on its own. While it may be sink or swim time for the NexGen team, we think it's a good opportunity for all involved. 

The boomerang trip for NexGen has brought them into some new customers, although perhaps quietly, and allowed them to work for some time heads-down on the next NexGen features.  One of those is the new Prioritized Active Cache scheme which splits the PCIe flash layer into a write-optimizing IO mirror, and a read-focused flash cache. We look forward to digging into exactly how this PAC will stack up against other flash system designs, but it sounds quite adaptable to any mix of IO workload.  And adding an innovative caching design to their existing Qos queuing and tiering-capable design should take them far in the hybrid flash space.

Let's see if they can reboot successfully here given 2015 is likely going to be a highly competitive year for smaller flash companies!

  • Premiered: 01/21/15
  • Author: Mike Matchett
Topic(s): NexGen Flash Storage FusionIO SanDisk Hybrid


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