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3PAR Simplifies Multi-Site Replication

Normally, the unveiling of a new storage console would not get my full attention. But 3PAR's announcement today of its latest InForm Management Console (IMC) definitely did. The enhanced console significantly streamlines the process of configuring and managing multi-site replication, by providing storage administrators with a unified, single-screen view of all connected InServ arrays, including those located at remote sites.

Prior to the availability of 3PAR's IMC, managing remote replication among 3PAR InServ arrays took a bit of effort. Administrators had to log in to each individual InServ storage system, and set up the relevant pieces. Configuration of 3PAR's Remote Copy function required the use of the scriptable, InForm Command Line Interface (CLI). Granted, the power of the CLI and the simplicity of the Remote Copy capability made these tasks much easier than on most competitive arrays, and did not require expensive professional services. But for users setting up replication between a number of geographically dispersed sites, set up and testing could still take considerable time.

The availability of the new InForm Management Console has changed all that. With the IMC, administrators can see local and remote InServ arrays from a single screen and set up multi-site replication with just a few mouse clicks. Users basically select the type or mode of replication, and then go through four simple steps to complete the set-up. Administrators can mix and match high-end T-Class and mid-range F-Class storage systems, and have a choice of using Synchronous, Asynchronous Periodic, or Synchronous Long Distance replication modes. Synchronous Long Distance replication is unique to 3PAR, and gives customers the ability to achieve high integrity of replicated data even at tremendous distances (such as between continents). All of this provides users with a flexible and cost-effective approach for meeting their RTOs and RPOs in the event of a temporary outage or full-fledged disaster.

We believe that the newly designed InForm Management Console will save administrators significant time in managing multi-site replication and prepping for disaster recovery. For this reason alone, we're hoping that it gets users' full attention.

  • Premiered: 08/04/10
  • Author: Jeff Byrne
Topic(s): 3PAR Disaster Recovery DR replication


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