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Our Clients

Our clients fall in the category of Technology Vendors, IT End Users, Venture Capitalists, or the Press.

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Technology Vendors

We offer a wide variety of services to Technology Vendors who are indeed our main clientele. These services include:

We excel in anything that requires thought leadership and evaluating and understanding the “unknown.” We are well known for creating new categories (examples include HyperConvergence, Data Deduplication, Scale-Out NAS and several more).

For larger projects outside the scope of the standard services, Technology Vendors can engage us via Consulting Services. We also assist with acquisitions and mergers.

Venture Capitalists

Venture Capital clients typically charter us to make a confidential assessment of new technologies, typically from a new startup they are considering to invest in. We thoroughly evaluate the company, technology and the products for market potential and give the client a confidential report. The VC clients can also access our analysts for opinions on industry events, competitive threats to their portfolio companies, specific assistance to a portfolio company (management, positioning, strategy, recruiting, etc.). The VC client can also engage us for additional work, including mergers and acquisition through our Consulting Services.

IT End Users

While we do not engage directly with  end users for projects, everything we do is for IT End Users. All of our writings are designed for their benefit. Which technology is right for what purpose, which vendors are delivering superior technologies, what to look out for, which technologies to avoid, how to make a decision about a new technology, when to migrate to a new technology, the role of the cloud, big data, analytics, etc. etc. are all designed to help IT End Users make a better decision for their environment. Our extensive publications of articles and columns are all targeted at the End User. Worldwide.

Press and Media

We make our knowledge and resources available to members of the press and media on all topics related to IT infrastructure technologies. We offer independent, hype-free opinions on why certain technologies are getting or not getting traction in the market, where the end user pain points lie, explain in layman terms what a new technology does and why it may be important to IT. Really, anything and everything related to infrastructure technologies. The press and media find us especially helpful with new technologies (what, when, how, why, etc.). The press and media are important constituencies for Taneja Group.