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Our Clients

Our clients fall in the category of Technology Vendors, IT End Users, Venture Capitalists, Institutional Investors or the Press.

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Technology Vendors

Technology Vendors can subscribe to our standard Analyst service, engage us for a Consulting assignment or for an End User Research project. They can also engage us to perform Technology Validation on their product (s). Technology vendors typically use our Analyst services for determining if the technology they have developed (or are in the process of developing) has commercial potential. They also use our services for assistance with converting technology into products, positioning the products to specific segments of the market, partnering, end user validation, strategy validation, and so on. Our subscription services are much more than a subscription to the client library, per se.

For larger projects outside the scope of the standard Analyst services, Technology Vendors can engage us via Consulting Services. We also entertain End User Research projects, especially those that try to understand the issues holding back the purchase of a specific technology. All company, technology and product profiles written by the Taneja Group are available to our Technology Vendor clients. We especially cater to startups where the resources are limited and time to market critical. But larger, more established companies find our services useful in areas of competitive analysis, strategy validation and launch plans, in addition to seeking our services for locating appropriate technologies to OEM or to acquire.

Venture Capitalists

VC clients typically subscribe to either the Gold or the Platinum program, designed especially for them. Venture Capital clients typically use our services to charter us to make an assessment of specific companies they are considering for investment purposes. We thoroughly investigate the company, technology and the products for market potential and give the client a confidential report. The VC clients also get access to our analysts for opinions on industry events, competitive threats to their portfolio companies, specific assistance to a portfolio company (management, positioning, strategy, recruiting, etc.). The library of profiles and reports available to Technology Vendors is also available to our VC clients. The VC client can also engage us for additional work, including mergers and acquisition through our Consulting services.

IT End Users

IT End Users can engage us for a variety of purposes such as cutting through the clutter of vendors and technologies all claiming same benefits for the IT user, and identify which one, if any, meets their true needs; competitive analysis of products; unbiased opinions on industry events (mergers, new product introductions and such); experiences of other IT users in similar situations, etc.

Institutional Investors

We selectively provide technology guidance to institutional investors. We do not provide financial advice to anyone. Institutional Investors come to us to gain understanding of technologies in simple, layman terms and the potential impact of those technologies. We also provide to them analyses of mergers and acquisitions and their impact on competitors.

Press and Media

We make our knowledge and resources available to members of the press and media on all topics related to storage and server technologies. We will offer opinions on why certain technologies are getting or not getting traction in the market, where the end user pain points lie, explain in layman terms what a new technology does and why it may be important to IT. Really, anything and everything related to storage and server technologies. We will also participate with the press in specific road shows, End User research and MultiClient Studies. We speak and often deliver keynotes, at relevant tradeshows. The press and media are important constituencies for Taneja Group.