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The entire IT infrastructure is undergoing serious metamorphosis right in front of our eyes. Traditional infrastructures are no longer able to meet the needs of IT or the business it supports. In this time of transition, our aim is to arm you with thoroughly-analyzed, relevant and timely information and tools on all infrastructure technologies so that you can make the best possible IT decisions for your business. The list of areas we cover is shown below.

Our aim is to cut through the clutter and the hype and make complex technology and products understandable and bring a clear perspective on the impact of industry events, such as mergers, acquisitions, startups and company closures.

Taneja Group, Inc.

Taneja Group is a premiere boutique analyst firm providing analysis and consulting for the technology industry. All our research and guidance is targeted at technology vendors, IT end users and the venture capitalists. Taneja Group’s analysts cover technologies across all elements of the IT infrastructure, including all aspects of storage, server and networking; Software-Defined Data Center; Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud; Cloud Management; Big Data Storage, Access, Management and Analytics; Convergence and Hyperconvergence; Integrated Data Management, including Hyperconverged Secondary Storage and Cloud Data Management solutions; Compliance and Governance; WAN Optimization, including ROBO Management;  storage and application acceleration technologies, such as NVMe and Flash; Container Storage and Management; Scale-out NAS; Object Storage; and Disaggregated Infrastructure.

The list is long and the complexity experienced by IT is only increasing. Our analysts are at the forefront of advising clients in terms of which technologies are crucial and when they should be implemented, for maximum effectiveness.

All our publications are targeted at the needs of IT users belonging to corporate or government entities that range from small (50 employees or so) to mid-size enterprises (300 to a few thousand employees) to the largest of the large enterprises (a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of employees). Our analyst and consulting services are delivered primarily to technology vendors and VCs. However, our publications are all designed for and targeted at the IT user.

We provide services that range from technology assessment for brand new startups (nurturing these startups via messaging, positioning and launching of the product(s), and helping them build Go-To-Market plans)  to assisting the biggest technology vendors with strategic analysis, market expansion plans and acquisitions. Our Technology and Customer Validation practices allow vendors to have Taneja Group, a third party independent entity, validate the technical functionality, capabilities and benefits of an existing or new product or solution. This helps an IT buyer to make better and faster decisions and takes the vendor bias out of the picture. We also provide due diligence assistance to VCs looking at new technology areas.

We maintain strong relationships with the press community, assisting them with simplifying complex technology issues, market segmentation, technology trends, vendor product differentiation, etc. . We author papers and columns in a variety of magazines on a regular basis and our analysts are sought out by the press due to their knowledge and “plain speak” approach.

We consider the technology vendors’ PR groups to be an important liaison to the vendor. Our analysts work closely with them to engage with the clients and understand their needs.

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