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About Us

Our Mission is Simple.

We want to arm you with thoroughly-analyzed, relevant and timely information on storage and storage-centric server technologies so that you can make the best possible decision for your business. We aim to cut through the clutter and the hype and make complex technology and products understandable and bring a clear perspective on industry events.

Taneja Group, Inc.

Taneja Group is a premiere boutique analyst firm providing analysis and consulting for the technology industry. All our research and guidance is targeted at technology vendors, IT end users and the venture capitalists. Taneja Group’s analysts cover technologies in the following areas: all aspects of storage, server virtualization, WAN Optimization, storage and application acceleration, eDiscovery and corporate governance. Cloud storage, Big Data and Data Center Convergence are inherently covered in these segments. The data center is undergoing a fundamental metamorphosis and our analysts are at the forefront of advising clients in terms of which technologies are crucial and when they should be implemented, for maximum effectiveness. For the eDiscovery industry we cover all aspects of the litigation workflow as well as related business processes including governance, compliance, records management, and data retention management.

All our publications are targeted at needs of IT users belonging to corporate or government entities that range from small (50 employees or so) to mid size enterprises (300 to a few thousand employees) to the largest of the large enterprises (a few thousand to hundreds of thousands employees). Our analyst and consulting services are delivered primarily to technology vendors and VCs. We provide services that range from technology assessment for a brand new startup, nurturing the startup through messaging, positioning, launching, and helping them build a Go-To-Market plan to assisting the biggest technology vendors with strategic analysis, market expansion plans and acquisitions. Our Technology Validation practice allows a vendor to have us validate the technical functionality of an existing or new product, ultimately helping an IT buyer to make better and faster decisions. We also provide due diligence assistance to VCs looking at new technology areas.

We maintain strong relationships with the press community, assisting them with simplification of complex technology issues, market segmentation, technology trends, timing, along with presenting our views on specific vendor’s products and technology.

We consider the technology vendor’s PR group to be an important liaison to the vendor. Our analysts work closely with them to engage with the clients and understand their needs.

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