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  • Technology Review

    HP StoreVirtual VSA and VMware Virtual SAN

    The age of the software defined datacenter and converged infrastructure is upon us. The benefits of running compute, storage and networking functions together on shared commodity hardware brings flexibility to the datacenter. The shift caused by software-defined storage and networking may prove to be greater than the shift to virtualized servers during the last decade.

  • Solution Brief

    SDS and VMware’s Virtual SAN Redefining Storage Operations

    The massive trend to virtualize servers has brought great benefits to IT data centers everywhere, but other domains of IT infrastructure have been challenged to likewise evolve. Software-Defined Storage (SDS) provides a new approach to making better use of storage resources in the virtual environment.

  • Our Specialization

    We specialize in providing complete marketing guidance, including product management, messaging, positioning, and launch support, within the Storage, Server Virtualization, Software-defined, Convergence, eDiscovery, WAN Optimization and Data Protection industries. We work with companies of all sizes but are especially attuned to emerging companies. Contact us for more information.

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  • Landscape

    Abstract: Enterprise Hadoop Infrastructure for Big Data IT

    Enterprise IT practitioners are soon going to have to operate scale-out computing platforms in the production data center - Hadoop is the likely target. There's a plethora of Hadoop infrastructure options to choose from to fit almost every big data need – the challenge for IT is to implement the best solutions for their business client needs.

  • Free Report

    For Lowest Cost and Greatest Agility, Choose SDDC Architectures

    The promise of a software-defined strategy is a virtualized data center created from compute, network and storage building blocks. In this paper, Taneja Group takes an in-depth look at the capital expenditure (CapEx) savings that can be achieved by creating a state-of-the-art Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).

  • Technology Validation

    Accelerating the VM with FlashSoft

    Solid-state technologies have allowed new comers as well as established storage vendors to start shaping up cost effective and highly efficient storage solutions that unlock greater storage performance. Taneja Group Labs turned to a hands-on Technology Validation to examine just how well server-side caching solutions might fair in real world use.
  • Webinar

    Why Hyper-Convergence is Invading the Data Center

    Join Arun Taneja, Founder of The Taneja Group and industry expert, as he presents the development of the hyper-converged market and why customers are finding these solutions so compelling.

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